Integrative Rehab Science

Advance your understanding about sport biomechanics and neurology A continuing profesional education for S&C coaches,
physiotherapist, trainer and health professional.

Location : Baskara Futsal
Date : 2 September 2023
Certification : Certification of Completion
Investment : Rp 1.000.000 (early birds for 10 person) and 1.500.000 (normal prize)
Course content
Have you ever had a client with an injury that never healed?
This could be because the assessment process and program need adjustments.
In this workshop, we will discuss 4 sessions where there are topics on biomechanics, assessment, rehabilitation and determining the right program design for coaches, athletes and sports enthusiasts.
This workshop is designed for you as a S&C Coach, trainer, physiotherapist, therapist and someone interested in improving your rehabilitation skills.

Workshop Module :

Posture, Breathing and Gait
Holistic vision in the treatment of injuries
Assessment-Transfer measure to train
Rehab exercise selection and programming

Instructors :

David Diéguez Ferreiro

Awang Firmansyah, S.Or., M.Kes

Contact Person :

+62 822-3311-5892 (Lutfi)